My Web Design Journey

For those of you who have been following my blog (as little traffic as this website does receive, I really appreciate it!), you will know that I have been working to become a self-taught web designer for the last 8 months. I have recently wrapped my head around platforms like WordPress, while also learning bits of HTML and CSS from websites like Code Academy and Theme Forest. While going through this journey though, I startled on to something that seems so obvious now in hindsight (The guy from South Park is popping in to my head) – but besides the look and feel of it all there need to be a clear and concise plan to generate traffic to your website if it is going to be making you any revenue. I think I fell in to the Julius Ceaser trap of ‘build it and they will come’ – but alas that really hasn’t been the case.

At the end of January I went to a Meetup in Manchester where someone from an agency in town was going through a process called search engine optimisation and what it means for a business to actually show prominently in the search engines. The guy actually wrote an article in full depth on what search engines look for in a website, which really opened my eyes to the possibility of what can be done when you know enough Wix-Website1about the industry and are able to fully utilise it to your advantage.

I remember when I first got in to all of this, my first ever website was built on the Weebly platform, before being very unhappy with the end results and moving to WIX. I was having such an issue with the hashtag that showed in the URL though when you clicked on a different page that I decided to have a look at taking WordPress more seriously and seeing what could be done to create something that is easy for me to use and for my readers to enjoy spending time on. I also had to look at how to monetise the blog in a serious way, but knowing the amount of competition out there by people a lot more experienced and capable than myself was a little bit off putting. It is for this reason that I think I am going to take a bit of time off from learning the hard graft behind web design like coding and UX design – and focus more on the SEO / internet marketing side of things (what good is a website if no one is there to see it after all!).

I have recently come across really good marketing blogs like Moz, Backlinko and Majestic, who I will be reading through every post over the last couple of years to try and get up to date. I will then try and work out and formulate my ‘ranking formula’ which I can then apply to all future websites I build (which will hopefully benefit from my previous design experience). I look forward to the journey and hopefully you do too! Happy 2017 everyone, and see you on the other side![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Competition for customers has become very stiff and only the tactful companies can survive in this competitive field. Large companies have a competitive advantage over their small counterparts selling the same product. It is easy for a large company to penetrate into the market than a small company. But with the invention of social media, small businesses have found a leaning ground where they can also market their products and services. Through the use of social media marketing, small businesses get the following benefits:

  • Reduced Cost of Marketing

Small businesses do not have the millions to pour out on advertising the way large-sized companies do. Social media offers a cheaper option of marketing hence helping these businesses to find a marketing platform that is affordable.

The reduced cost of marketing does not impact negatively on the quality of marketing for it still remains to be effective.

  • Social Media Impacts Organic Search Results

The position of a website in a search engine is highly influenced by the engagement in social media. You can get a better ranking by simply sharing content on social media. And with a high ranking on search engines, you can be sure that thereinternet marketing will be increased sales.

  • Opportunity to Offer Better Services

Social media gives small businesses an opportunity to offer better services. This is because social media allows for direct interaction between companies and their customers. By observing the ‘comments’ section, a business will be able to know what the customers need and respond promptly. This is beneficial to a business since there will be customer satisfaction which leads to automatic retention and referrals.

  • Customers can Validate your Business

One of the major problems that small businesses face is lack of validation of their businesses. Most people do not trust small companies hence the rush to purchase products from large companies. With social media, people can validate small businesses as legit hence gain trust in the market and compete squarely with large companies.

  • Social Media offers Competitive Advantage

The bottom line of all the benefits that a small business is likely to get from social media marketing is competitive advantage. Social media offers undisputed equal ground for companies to compete regardless of the size.

From above, it is very clear that social media marketing is very beneficial to small businesses and can help such companies to grow to their full potentialities.

8 Things to look for in a Web development Company

Online marketing has become an inevitable venture for any serious business. To launch a serious online marketing, a company should have a good website that is well designed. Web design is therefore an important aspect that a business must consider.

There are companies offering web design and development that you can choose from. It is good to choose a reliable company that will help you in getting the best website layout that is appealing to the consumer market. In choosing a web design company, you should consider the following things.

  1. Price

The number one thing that you need to consider is the price. Depending on the size of your company, the price could determine the kind of web design company you hire.

  1. Portfolio

Secondly, you will have to look at the work done by the company. This can be done by revisiting their portfolio with anweb development aim of looking the clients they have worked with before and the kind of job done.

  1. Size

You also need to know the size of the company you are willing to hire. It only makes sense when you hire a large web design company if you have a large company. Remember that the size of the company will impact heavily on the price hence the need to be very calculative.

  1. Total package

You have to look at their total package and determine whether they will be able to deliver all the custom coding your website needs.

  1. Time commitment

When you want to design your website, the company hired will have to spend some time with you for them to be able tosocial media know what you want. Therefore, you should consider the time that you are willing to commit to the project.

  1. Goals

The goals that you have for your website will also guide you in choosing the right web design company.

  1. Timeline

The timeline set for your project will also determine the company you are choosing. If you want your website designed in a rush, then you will pick on an efficient company, which will probably charge higher.

  1. Team

There are two things that you need to look at when viewing the team. First, you must consider the size of the team working on web design and then get to know the team member from the company who you will be in contact with during the whole time the project is taking place.

The above mentioned things offer a good guideline to getting the best web design company.

8 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The marketing department is one of the most active departments in an organization. This is because the department is tasked with the responsibility of getting new customers on board. With the invention of digital marketing, there has been a question of whether a company should employ an in-house digital marketing team or use the readily available digital marketing agency.
There are many benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency than setting up an in-house team. Here below are the 8 top benefits.
1. You don’t have to pay a marketer full time salary
Any business should know the cost of hiring a full-time marketer. Digital marketers are quite expensive to maintain in a company hence the benefit of having a digital marketing agency.

2. You get more than just marketing
At the same fee of marketing, you will get much more than just marketing. You will have access to content writers, graphic designers, social media professionals, and web design as well.

3. Access to latest technology and tools
Digital marketing agencies invest a lot of money in acquiring the latest technology and tools needed in online marketing. As a company, you will have access to these latest technological advancements without having to invest in them.

4. Maintain efficiency among your existing staff
Some companies always choose to create an in-house digital marketing team and instead of hiring new employees, they overburden the very same employees with other tasks such as content writing. This reduces the efficiency of such employees. Instead of doing this, you can just hire an external team and maintain the efficiency of your existing strategy

5. You don’t need to train agencies
The digital marketing agencies have qualified and competent staff who do not require training. They are ready to work unlike an in-house team which will require an extensive training.

6. Keep up with the current marketing trends
Hiring a digital marketing agency will help you to keep up with the current marketing trends since the agencies do a lot of research on daily basis and come up with the best strategies.

7. Benefit from an outside perspective
You will also benefit from getting the best strategies that are expressed without any fear. An in-house team may fear to express their ideas for the fear of losing their jobs.

8. You can easily scale up
Scaling up is easy when you use a digital marketing team than using an in-house team. You won’t have to hire more employees to scale up your marketing efforts.
It is very clear that there are more than enough benefits of hiring a digital marketing team than using an in-house marketing team.

Digital Marketing Strategies

A Social Media Strategy using Linkedin

Need to develop a social media strategy? Well, LinkedIn is among the best social networking platforms, & that’s why real, interpersonal networking happens here. LinkedIn concentrates on the making of associations, professional business associations that are created to last, some other social networking websites are automated and don’t work as well as Linkedin. If you want to understand the easiest method to sell on LinkedIn, you need to follow this principle to begin with. Obviously, there are lots of additional factors that should be considered and this is why I have arrived at compose this publish. I really want you to know the ability as well as the growth potential of the company using LinkedIn to develop associations then sell your items and services to folks who grow to love and trust you. This platform is particularly ideal for as a Business to business seller, however if you simply are encouraging something towards the average person, this can meet your needs too. I’m also likely to show you precisely how to uncover the best prospects for you personally. Then I’ll demonstrate exactly how to participate together without searching in the way of the sales rep.

social media strategy

Understand Your Intended Market

Understanding how to market on LinkedIn is amazing, but you will not create a cent if you don’t understand how to find the correct individuals to target it does not matter just how profits capabilities are. This can be indeed more essential when prospecting on LinkedIn, as you are likely to begin using these criteria as specific search phrases. here are the matters you will need to comprehend ahead of time before you decide to inflict selling:

Which kind of company will they work with? What’s the type of work this man does and just how will it connect with the helpOritems you sell?

Physical place – Running an online business obviously does not restrict you to definitely geographic location, unless of course you need to do sell items which are tangible and also have a special catchment area. You clearly have to be obvious about this as there is no point contacting individuals from a completely different country to yourself before prospecting. That’s unless of course you already trade abroad.

Job Title – This part you’ll have to get creative with. If Let me interact with fitness professionals for example individuals who’re searching for an additional earnings stream and run their particular company, then I’d have to know the things they’re doing, IE fitness instructors, Zumba educators, Bikram yoga instructors, you see what i mean.

If you have advisable from the type of person you’re searching for, you can begin hunting on LinkedIn to discover these folks. Begin with hooking up with your current clients, which you ought to have been doing anyhow. People regularly spend time using their peers, who’re possibly decision makers in others, approximately folks is going to be buddies with coworkers and folks that run their very own business.

Next, you need to try looking in their “fans of the profile also seen” category. Case another dental professional identify individuals who have a great deal that is similar to your present clients. That is certainly a possible place to discover other people who might be thinking about what you are supplying, although absolutely not many of these will relate or perhaps be prime prospects.

Next begin joining individuals groups and you’ve got to check out the groups these folks fit in with. The convenient factor about such groups is always that you ultimately get access to individuals who aren’t in your “third measures”, a set limit LinkedIn uses within this situation. Furthermore, it allows you contact fellow group people. Many prime prospects may have their direct messages making this an enormous plus for you personally disabled on their own accounts.

Network with prospects and clients

business networkingIt lays in hooking up as well as networking with others. This can be the most powerful technique to utilize LinkedIn. Now based on regardless if you are selling Business to business, or B2C, your strategy is going to be somewhat different but overall you’re focusing on one fundamental principle, creating worth.

Let us say you are supplying others. You are selling web site design services and you ought to get trust with special folks on LinkedIn. Because you can sell with other companies, implies that the initial place to start developing trust with individuals is as simple as delivering business their way. Constantly watch out for excellent possibilities to advocate because later on, that very same company is going to be searching to reciprocate. Whether that be by means of a referral someone else or perhaps an immediate purchase from their store. The procedure is simple if you are supplying people then. Just like you might do on other websites, develop worth in the kind of information and sources. The only difference is the fact that you are coping with professionals and business owners. This really is frequently great as you are dealing with individuals who need methods to various difficulties, nevertheless, you need to be certain you are well on exactly the same level as them. Attract them more by utilizing any technical and business language and consistently deliver in your word. You might be compensated having a “right to business” strategy and they’re way faster with making choices. Quite simply, you don’t locate as numerous time wasters on LinkedIn.

If you have become a member of a LinkedIn group, don’t go and message every person for the reason that group regarding your services and also you. Unless of course you realize somebody that is within a purchasing mood for the service or merchandise, the simple truth is, don’t message anybody at this time. LinkedIn groups are suitable for developing trust and associations with key people who might want to consider that which you offer like I’ve pointed out. Individuals who don’t understand how to sell on LinkedIn basically will frequently disregard this golden rule plus they only upset folks.

What I suggest you do here is to establish a computerized e-mail for your accounts, which produces a summary of discussions (this can be done in group configurations). These discussions after become the perfect prime areas to create value by means of guidance and tips. This really is attraction marketing at its finest and trust me, when we begin to see you because the specialist inside a specific field, they’ll listen to you.

One of the top characteristics of LinkedIn within my modest view may be the recommendations section. This can be where clients can enter reviews for you personally and they’ll show up on your LinkedIn profile! Everybody is aware of that testimonial of previous deals and jobs are the most effective method to generate start-up business, due to there being proof of the claims you’re making. This cuts down on the perceived danger within the eyes from the prospect too that is vital to the sales process. Whether this is by email, telephone or any other means, make sure to do that first. The easiest method to start is to start with your present clients and associates. Begin with individuals who know only you will clearly think it is a lot more easy to get the advice immediately.

Another dental professional get recommendations are as simple as giving first. In case most people are given a glowing review on your part, you will notice that people are greater than thrilled to reciprocate. You will also have the ability to approve the advice until they’re going live which means you could make certain you’re pleased with it in advance.

You need to have the opportunity to see exactly what an effective instrument LinkedIn is. The true secret of the easiest method to sell on LinkedIn is mixing many of these concepts right into a concentrated online marketing strategy. Remain consistent by using it and you will be amazed at the quality of ability you’re going to get over the years.


Developing a Social Media Strategy using Linkedin